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How can an artist make his life easier with mobile and desktop applications? Where to organize references and prepare your own, how to choose colors and poses, study anatomy and how to replace Photoshop on a tablet – that’s it.

What can you draw in besides Photoshop

All digital artists have heard of Adobe Photoshop. It is a flexible and versatile tool that was originally developed for photo manipulation. Its creators, the Knoll brothers, did not even imagine that someone would paint in it. However, besides Photoshop, there are other programs created purely for drawing. Many of them are available for mobile devices. Let’s talk about a couple of them.

Autodesk SketchBook

Raster graphics editor Autodesk Sketchbook simulates real materials for concept art Android drawing. It has over 190 customizable brushes, markers, airbrush, pencil, ballpoint pen and more. The paints are mixed and shaded, and the tools respond to the pressure and angle of rotation of the stylus. Thanks to this, you can make smooth transitions between colors.

Sketchbook uses the popular Copic marker color picker. However, the user can always adjust the desired shade on their own using the color wheel.
The interface is quite easy to learn – everything in it is sharpened primarily for drawing. The mobile version is not much different from the desktop one. You can connect a stylus to the tablet (Apple Pencil, Wacom Stylus and four more types) or draw with your finger. Gesture commands are available to rotate the canvas or scale the image.

Sketchbook also supports layers. They can be swapped, hidden, merged, and opacity adjusted to make drawing easier. In addition to traditional bitmap formats, image import in psd is available.

Keep a video review, which will acquaint you in detail with the capabilities of the program and with a list of supported styluses


Another bitmap editor. Available for iPad owners only. ProCreate also simulates the behavior of real materials for a digital drawing.

The application includes a large library of built-in brushes – more than 200 pieces, all sorted into groups. There are many options available to customize each – stroke movement, smoothness, shape, edge adjustment, and so on. Of course, instruments respond to pressure, movement speed, and tilt of the stylus. You can connect not only Apple Pencil, but also other styluses.

Procreate has built-in support for layers, and more than 25 blend modes are available. There are 11 filters, with their help simulate the illusion of depth, movement or add special effects. The drawing is automatically saved after every touch (in Sketchbook – after every ten) so that a sudden crash or a dead battery does not destroy the progress.

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