How to automate your email

These tools will help you set up your email client as conveniently as possible.

According to statistics, the average office worker spends about 47,000 hours on email during their career. This may seem like just an annoying waste of time, but it's actually much more than that.

How to automate your digital mail

People are under a lot of stress when they have to face seemingly insurmountable tasks. Such, for example, as an overflowing mailbox.

Email overload often makes you feel like you have a task in hand, but not enough time or resources to even get started. Just one look at the mass of new incoming people can cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels (stress hormone).

What to do with it

If you're using email in Outlook, Yahoo, Thunderbird, or another service, there are plenty of resources for automating your email flow. InboxZero, Mailstrom and Unified Inbox work with most email clients.


Digital Mail is the solution for flex (hybrid) and work. Effective remote collaboration don't just happen as you send employees to their home offices. Digital teamwork requires targeted attention, starting in the mailroom.


It is a free app for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Mobile clients are only available in a number of European countries, but anyone can download the PC version. InboxZero helps you manage your important emails and get rid of the less important ones. One of the most amazing features of this platform is "Holiday Mode", which allows you to automatically send an email to your contacts with the times when you are unavailable and when they can contact you next.


This service allows you to analyze the contents of your mailbox and sort messages according to some criteria. Similarly, you can respond immediately to a group of letters, united by a common subject, sender, time, or other parameter. Users love this platform for the ability to work with dozens or even hundreds of emails at once.


Many use more than one email account daily. It can be work and personal email, or even two or three work accounts. The best tool for managing multiple mailboxes at once is Mailbird for Windows. It allows you to view all received emails in one place.

Extensions and filters for Gmail

You can use special extensions and filters that can improve your incoming email flow management. Some of the best are SaneBox, Unroll.Me and BatchedInbox.


SaneBox is designed to rank your emails in order of importance. The extension leaves the desired emails in your main inbox and sorts all secondary incoming messages into a separate folder. After these steps, you will receive an email explaining exactly what was redirected.


Despite the user data leak scandal, Unroll.Me is still quite a popular mailbox management system. Its main feature lies in the consolidation of all your subscriptions into a daily digest. This grouping allows you to save time and at the same time not lose sight of anything. If necessary, you can unsubscribe from unwanted mailings in one click.

Inbox Pause

This extension allows you to decide when to receive messages and when not. When you turn on the pause, you can set up communication with an autoresponder so that all your contacts are aware of the activation of the mail schedule. If necessary, you can configure the display of messages on a schedule.


Do not forget about Google's spam filters, which allow you to automate the assignment of labels, archiving letters, deleting them, forwarding and other actions. You can create a filter through the drop-down menu in the Gmail search bar. After clicking on the down arrow, you will need to specify the criteria, check their accuracy with a search, and then click on the link to create a filter, which is displayed at the bottom right in the same drop-down menu.

Each of these solutions functions independently of other tools, allowing you to competently rake, analyze and sort out bundles of incoming letters. The maximum efficiency can be achieved only by a combination of several of these services.

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