How to choose the right tactical pouch?

Tactical pouches are designed to carry and store a variety of equipment, and also provide the easiest access to it. It is for this reason they are mounted on top of clothing, being placed on unloading systems, or on other devices for transporting equipment.

The use of a tactical pouch. Fastening variants of a tactical pouch.

The first mention of them can be found in ancient Greek myths. The prototype of tactical pouches are cloth bags, which were often used to carry throwing stones for a sling. In a form close to today, they have existed since World War I, in which a very wide range of weapons and aids were used by the armies of the warring countries.

In fact, the primary use of tactical bags and pouches is in the military for people who do the toughest job in rough environments. They use them to tackle a number of problems like carrying the ammunition, first aid kits and radios during a mission. 

The use of a tactical pouch

Initially, the target audience for tactical pouches was the military, for whom they were actually created. But today these products are widely used in civilian area. More often than not, their customers are hunters, fishermen, travelers, as well as fans of paintball and airsoft. For them, using the pouch often becomes the only option to transport a huge number of items of various purposes without any significant restrictions on their own mobility.

Fastening variants

Most of tactical pouches offered for sale today are equipped with MOLLE mounts. It is a modular unloading system designed to carry lightweight equipment. It has been used for decades by the militaries of NATO member countries, especially the United Kingdom and the United States.

It became popular in the civilian sphere after bases with MOLLE mounts, on which pouches are positioned, moved and changed depending on individual preferences, became publicly available. The novelty almost immediately became popular, as it allowed to create “unloading” based on the tasks to be performed and one’s own physical capabilities.

It is also worth mentioning the existence of tactical pouches with ALICE mounts. It appeared much earlier than the MOLLE – in the mid-60s. This belted shoulder unloading system cannot boast of modularity, high weight of carried load and convenience in everyday use. Nevertheless, pouches with these attachments are also often found on the market, but not in the same variety as their MOLLE counterparts.

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