HR recruitment software

How to improve the efficiency of HR managers? Automate processes using modern tools! If you also think that the time of thick folders with resumes and personal files of employees is already the last century, then our selection of programs for recruiters is just for you.

HR recruitment software

What programs are generally needed in recruiting? First of all, special applications and platforms for personnel search, as well as assessment of the qualifications of applicants, time management and online interviews.

Resume automated screening

Why is it so important for HR professionals to use special programs? Because they can significantly simplify the work of HR specialists, make it more efficient.

The main problem faced by HR specialists is the lack of a single database of candidates . And this is what it leads to:

  • important files may be lost;
  • inconvenient to work due to the inability to apply filters with a large amount of information;
  • a lot of time is spent on compiling a pool of candidates.
  • And it’s not very convenient when documents and correspondence are on different channels, you need to constantly look for them. Using special platforms and applications, all routine recruitment operations can be significantly accelerated.

Hence, it's worth using specialized tools and resume parsing software – see, for instance.

Automatic candidate tracking systems

According to Jobscan, more than 98% of Fortune Global 500 companies (a ranking of the world's 500 largest companies based on revenue) use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) in their practice. In HR management, these systems occupy one of the largest cells, and therefore employers change ATS from time to time, trying to find the most suitable option.

In addition, Jira will also be useful. It is intended not so much for maintaining a database of candidates as for planning the recruiter's time. This project and process management system is especially relevant for teams where a group of people are working on the same task at the same time. What can be done with this organizer software? Assign and distribute tasks, monitor and report on their completion. Convenient online communication with the team makes it possible to track the status of current affairs.

Applicant Qualification Assessment

Using HR software, you can choose the most suitable applicant for an open vacancy.

Use of AI

According to the IBM Institute for Business Value and IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, more than 66% of business leaders believe that automating HR processes and using artificial intelligence can significantly increase the efficiency of the entire management department.

Online interviews

According to a survey conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, as early as 2015, 63% of HR managers conducted online interviews. What are their advantages? Video interviews allow you to significantly optimize and automate candidates at the initial stage, increase the productivity and effectiveness of the process. Using platforms for online interviews, you can significantly reduce the time to close any vacancy. After all, even 5 minutes of a video interview is enough to weed out unsuitable candidates, while preparing and conducting a stationary interview would take at least an hour.

By choosing the most suitable services for automating various processes of the HR department, you will be able to close all open vacancies as quickly as possible and replenish your staff with really valuable personnel. Automation of routine processes will increase the productivity of HR specialists by several times, as evidenced by the experience of American colleagues. If your company is heading to increase the effectiveness of the personnel department, turning to new programs is a mandatory step.

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