ITIL development is supported by OGC and the independent professional community itSMF IT Service Management Forum. The ITIL v4 PDF library was originally operated by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) of the UK government, but in April 2001 the CCTA was merged into the OGC, which is now the new "owner" ITIL libraries. The ITIL Library consists of several "Collections of Practice Guidelines" for delivering efficient and efficient IT services."



Each of the books in the ITIL library describes everything that is necessary for the organization of IT management, and also works out the issues of a separate part of the structured process framework. The ITIL library highlights the tasks, areas of activity, inputs and outputs of all processes in an IT organization. But, at the same time, it does not give a specific description of the ways in which these activities are carried out, since they may be different in each organization. The ITIL library is not a method, but a structured framework for planning more frequently used processes, roles, and activities, identifying the relationships between them and the types of communication required.

ITIL Composition

The ITIL library was created to emphasize the relationship with the customer in the process of providing high-quality services. Initially, the ITIL library included several sets of books, each of which described a specific area of ​​maintenance and operation of the IT infrastructure. The centerpiece of ITIL is ten books that describe support and service delivery. The library included about 40 more books on subjects related to IT service management. After reworking the central books on ITIL, they were published as two books: one on service support and the other on service delivery. As a result of this revision, repetitions and some inconsistencies of earlier series have been eliminated, which has improved the structural unity of the publication, which now more clearly presents information about IT Service Management.

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