Lead Generation Trends 2021

Purchase prediction, a guide in exchange for contacts and video marketing: we studied the forecasts of experts and tell you what tools for attracting leads will be relevant this year and how they can be applied now.

Trend 1: Chatbots

According to the consulting company Accenture, the chatbot market in Russia is expected to grow by 30% annually over the next three years. The development of the trend was influenced by the popularity of communication in instant messengers and the opportunity to be in touch with the brand around the clock. In addition, the pandemic pushed customers to more often use company messengers when offline points were unavailable.

Chatbots in lead generation act as an interactive form. During the dialogue, the bot collects information about the user: name, contacts, interest in a specific product. The latter will help in further segmentation of users. Perhaps, outside of the dialogue with the bot, the user would not have shared so much data.

Also, the bot can be used to send a lead magnet as a part of the lead generation system. And in this case, you can continue communication – set up a chain of messages in the messenger.

To integrate a chatbot into your lead collection process, find out which messenger your audience is focused on. Study the audience of instant messengers and social networks and compare it with the portraits of your clients.

The method and cost of implementing the bot will depend on the choice of the messenger.

Example: a developer company has been working with a marketing agency for six months and during this time has covered the entire target audience with targeted advertising. To continue to receive a steady stream of applications, the agency decided to use a chatbot. It was posted on the developer’s official pages Facebook.

The chatbot asked the user to answer a few questions in order to find a place to live. The bot figured out how many people will live in the apartment, how they use the kitchen, how often they invite guests. In the final, he sent a chat version of a residential complex, an apartment and a layout.

As a result of this ad campaign, the developer received 13,000 ad clicks and 335 leads. At the same time, the price of a lead turned out to be 184% less than from standard channels.

Trend 2: Video Marketing

Videos help generate leads for 83% of marketers. As web psychologist Natalie Nahai explains, the human brain is lazy and easier to process visual content than text.

“Because we are instinctively attracted to movement, sound and human faces, video can be the fastest way to convey information, evoke emotion, and build rapport with audiences.”

– Natalie Nahai, author of Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion.
There are two ways to get leads via video: request contacts before watching and offer to fill out a form after watching a video. Also, the video can be just one of the touches on the way to purchase.

Leads from the video are collected by “turnstiles” programs. They add forms to the beginning and middle of the video, and a call to action (“Call to Action”) – to the end.

The team at Wistia, one such service, conducted internal research and found that:

the conversion rate of “turnstiles” at the beginning of the video is 16%, but because of the “turnstiles” the number of video views decreased;
videos with “turnstiles” at the end got more views, but got only 3% conversion;
“Turnstiles” placed after 10-20% of the time from the beginning of the video received 43% conversion.
Data from Wistia shows that mandatory forms generate higher conversion rates than optional forms.

Wistia also advises adding a call-to-action at the end of the video, such as browsing the catalog. If you don’t, your potential customers will have to look for additional information about the service themselves.

Example: Vidyard has divided users viewing videos into two groups. The first group saw a call for demo access after the video was finished, the second – no.

As a result, in the first group, the number of free trial registrations increased by 20%.

Trend 3: Influence Marketing

One of the key trends in lead generation is marketing based on the recommendations of influencers. Communication agency Migel Agency associates this with the fact that the audience trusts native integrations in influencer blogs more than the usual formats of advertising on the Internet. The influencer becomes an intermediary between the audience and the brand and influences audience loyalty.

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