The gaming market, especially mobile games, has grown rapidly in recent years. Games are the most popular category of mobile apps on the iTunes App Store, and game experts predict the mobile gaming market will double by 2016.
It is likely that part of the growth in popularity of mobile games (for instance, Word Trip cheat) is due to greater availability as smartphones and tablets become more common. These devices, which are not necessarily purchased for playing games, have helped attract people who would not traditionally consider themselves gamers.

Our research shows that with a mobile device always at hand, the average game session time increased significantly. In 2014, the average game session was 4 minutes, and in May 2015 it was 4.7 minutes.

While the industry is in a growing tide, it is changing rapidly – as is the demographics of mobile gaming. People spend more time and money gaming, and new consumers are drawn to games that appeal to a wider audience.

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