New online service rapidly accelerating personal licence maintenance process

The Gambling Commission has underscored the success of its new online service, which supports licensees in the administration and maintenance of personal licenses.
With the online service launched in November 2019 to simplify the personal license maintenance process, the Commission has reduced the processing time for personal license maintenance requests by 77% from an average of 53 days to just 12 days.

The time it takes for personal license holders to complete and submit a maintenance request has also decreased from several days to less than an hour, reducing administrative time for personal license holders and optimizing efficiency.

Helen Venn, Executive Director, said, “We are continuously improving the way we regulate and the continued effectiveness of the Manage your Personal License Service demonstrates this commitment.
“It has proven particularly critical during the embargo period as applicants can simply upload all of the supporting documents to the service instead of publishing hard copies.

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