SEO vs Social Media Marketing

Internet marketing can be a daunting task even for seasoned professionals, let alone aspiring entrepreneurs. Therefore, one of the main questions that customers are interested in is “What way to promote your business to choose – SEO or Social Media Marketing?” To determine which of the following Internet marketing tools is most effective, you need to understand their features, similarities and differences.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a tool for promoting a business through social media channels (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Its main task is not to sell goods or services directly, but to attract the attention of the target audience and stir up interest in the product. To do this, a community is created around the brand, in which constant communication with a potential client takes place (interesting posts are written, contests are held, reviews are collected), targeted advertising is set up and a content plan is developed.

Benefits of SMM

Fast responses and feedback (reactions to articles, news and posts). Thanks to this, you can quickly adjust the SMM promotion strategy, taking into account the interests and wishes of the audience.
Social networks allow you to select target audience with a high degree of accuracy (targeting).
You can attract more users with the help of an advertising contact, which is much cheaper than context, advertising on TV and in the press.

The ability to attract target audiences from any countries and regions, increasing coverage without reducing conversion.

Social Media Marketing indirectly affects the ranking of a site through social signals (reposts, discussions, likes, sharing), attracting traffic from social networks and links with the help of social media content writing services. The latter, although not indexed by search engine robots, are still counted as a plus to the usefulness of the resource.

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Without permanent work, there will be no long-term result. It is necessary to regularly update information, publish news, articles, interact with the audience, etc.
You need to publish information that is really interesting for the user, which can compete with other posts in the feed.

Affordable Social Media Marketing cannot replace 100% classic search engine optimization, because users prefer to search for goods and services through search engines first of all.
Social media marketing is suitable for most B2C products and services that are relevant to everyday life and are of interest to the target audience. The situation is more complicated with the B2B sector, as well as with the SMM promotion of goods and services that involve a quick transaction (for example, a taxi).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of work on internal and external optimization in order to improve the position of a site in the results of search engines (Google, Yandex, Mail.Ru, Bing, etc.). By improving the rating of the resource in the PS, you can attract more visitors and increase profits. SEO works with already generated demand. The main goal is to promote the site in the top 10 for relevant commercial or informational queries (words that the user enters in the search bar).

SEO Benefits

In the process of SEO optimization, the entire resource is seriously refined, due to which the conversion increases over time – the site begins to sell better.
Long-term effect – if you stop working after reaching the top, search engines will not immediately notice it.
The level of user confidence in sites from organic search results is higher than in advertisements.
Good SEO profitability – with a fixed payment for promotion services, the cost per user will decrease over time.
With the growing popularity of the resource, the number of natural backlinks increases, which also adds credibility to the site.

Disadvantages of SEO

The result of search engine optimization will not be noticeable immediately, on average it will take about 3-6 months to reach the top, depending on the subject matter and the state of the resource.
SEO optimization is aimed at improving all the key characteristics of the site, so for some types of work it will be necessary to attract additional specialists (for example, programmers, designers).
The greatest return from the site is possible only with constant work on the project.
Promotion in different search engines will require the development of a separate strategy for each of them.

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