Tips for working with reviews on App Store and Google Play

If you don’t respond to user reviews, you can get low ratings, high uninstall rates, and poor install conversions. To avoid this, you need to monitor reviews and respond to them on a daily basis. In this article we will show you how to do it correctly, quickly and efficiently using the examples of Dodo Pizza, OneTwoTrip and BiniBambini applications.

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What does analysis of reviews and responses to them affect? Correct work with reviews will increase the app’s rating, contribute to product development and influence user loyalty. Also, such tricks as to buy Android App reviews can also help increasing the rankings.

App rating and conversion to install

The Playtika company notes that thanks to responses to reviews, the rating of the Slotomania app increased by 0.7 points, and the conversion to installs – by 15%. As a result, the number of app installs increased by 2,000 per day.

According to research by Apptentive, changing the rating from three to four stars can increase conversions in the App Store by 89%. And from three to five stars – by 97%.

Apptentive also noted that 90% of users rate a new app based on ratings, 79% of consumers check ratings and reviews before downloading, and 55% look at ratings and reviews before committing to an in-app transaction. If users notice that the developer does not respond to negative reviews, then the motivation to download the application will decrease.

Thanks to responses to reviews, the app’s rating grows, which contributes to the increase in conversion to installs. The rating appears both next to the icon in the search results and on the app page and forms social proof. Users will have more confidence in a highly rated app, which means more motivation to download it.

App ranking in Google Play search

Reviews are indexed on Google Play, although they have a smaller impact on the position of the app in search results than a few years ago. These screenshots show you how to correctly formulate the answers and add keywords to them.

For example, in the answer on the right, the developer entered the word “games” 2 times. And in response, in the middle, the names of the cities in which the user called a taxi are written.

You can use testimonials as an additional optimization tool and add keywords when appropriate. At the same time, it is important not to lose meaning and convey the necessary information to the user. For more information on optimizing your app on Google Play, read this article.

Product development

Analyzing reviews on a regular basis helps you find growth points for your app. By reading user reviews, the developer understands their needs and wants and gets insights on how to improve the product.

User feedback is the fastest way to get feedback in terms and expressions of the user. It is the fossil, unrefined “fuel” of product improvement.

What if you buy Android app reviews?

It is important to analyze feedback after updates, as the rating of an application often drops if users have problems due to updates. For example, according to users, after the update, the VKontakte application began to “crash” and “hang”.

Continuously monitor the reviews of your users and periodically check the reviews for applications in related categories. This will help you find ideas for improving your product. This analysis is especially relevant for those developers who are just going to enter the market and want to introduce more competitive advantages into their product.

Loyalty and user retention rate

If the user was not happy with the service and left a bad review, and you were able to solve his problem, there is a chance to turn a negative review into a positive one.

The person can continue to use the app, which will have a positive effect on the retention rate. However, the impact of responses to reviews on retention rate is difficult to measure because it is difficult to match the user of the app to the user who left the review. This is completely similar to the actions required to get Social Media exposure for your WordPress website.

Working with reviews helps build trust with users, increase their loyalty and attract new ones. This makes it possible to collect additional feedback and helps to quickly resolve the questions of the users themselves.

Answer quickly

Every day, our smartphones receive a huge number of notifications. If you do not answer the user immediately, then he will most likely forget about the application in a day, and sometimes in a few hours.

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