What do you look for when editing a essay?

When preparing for and working on an essay, it is important to pay attention to the requirements that your institution imposes on the content of the essay. Different universities and colleges may have slightly different requirements. However, there is a standard set of things that a person who starts editing an essay should pay attention to. In this article, we will look at them in more detail.

What do you look for when editing a essay?

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The main stages of work on the essay:

1. Read the text carefully (paying attention to key phrases and evaluation words to highlight the problem and the author's position);

2. Check your theses carefully. They should be concise and understandable to readers;

3. Describe in more detail the points that need clarification;

4. Remove unnecessary sentences from the text;

5. Think through the composition of the essay;

6. As you work on your draft, think about the logical connections between the parts.

7. There is no need to overload the essay – often the use of certain words not only does not demonstrate the graduate's knowledge but also leads to speech errors.

8. There should be no factual errors in the essay; for example, if you can't remember the writer's first or last name, it's better not to mention it at all.

Algorithm of work with the text

1. A familiarization reading of the text to get the big picture. If necessary, the text can be read a second time.

2. Conscious reading, highlighting keywords, toponyms, and names.

3. Read the text a third time. It should be divided into subtopics. For each of the subtopics, you should ask a question and come up with a title.

4. Formulation of the main thesis.

5. Highlighting key quotations and points important to understanding the text.

6. Selection of quotations to be used in the text.

Rules for editing texts

For example, if the editor is dealing with a text episode in a large information flow (news, forum…), he should do everything to interest, to hook the reader.

Therefore, the text should not be voluminous, provocative, or saturated with information. The main emphasis is on the title and the first few sentences: if the reader is affected, he will continue reading.

Ease of style

The second important rule of editing text material.

Readers absolutely will not like a large monolithic text. Therefore, you need to divide it into fragments, highlighting key phrases in them.

In this way, the reader can easily find what he or she is interested in.

Highlighting the main idea

The idea that the reader needs to "swallow" should stand alone. It may even have to be repeated. And it is better to highlight it in a different color or font.

Reinreadg the edited text

You should not be lazy to reread the resulting text several times: after all, even after your own corrections one often finds many mistakes.

The ideal is to have several people check the text. In professional publishing houses, this is done by a whole staff. Following this rule is mandatory because the presence of mistakes automatically reduces the attractiveness of the product, whatever it may be.

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